Saturday, 29 June 2013

French Holiday Scrapbook 2013

I've finally had an opportunity to sit down and pool together a quick holiday album for the trip we took to France a few weeks ago. It's not quite the detailed album I would have preferred but that's my fault for not taking any notes whilst we were away. Believe me, even within all the photos we took, Nick & I were scratching our heads to remember what we did each day. It didn't feel like it at the time but when you're back home, browsing through the pictures, one beach looks very much like another.

I'm uploading here the digital version, which will be printed out to go into my album. Though they don't look it, they are actually double layouts, consisting of two x A4 size. The journaling isn't my best and I would have preferred to include more stories, thoughts and feelings but time and space didn't allow. The important thing, I realised, was to do this whilst I remembered it and, more importantly had the motivation.

 Though I'm pleased with it, I'm also relieved to have finished. I'm in the mood to start scrapbooking again and I'm itching to tell stories. But holiday albums are a whole different kettle of fish to everyday scrapping. It's more like trying to put a book together, telling one long story on several pages. What I'd like to do now is take individual stories and devote a page to each of them. Those are the scrapbook pages I love to read back through.

But first, I think I can't leave it any longer. I have to clean up my craft room. Unless I can use my favourite procrastination tool, keeping busy. I'm the master of putting off tasks by ensuring I'm so busy doing anything else but the important one. Thankfully, I know from reading other blogs and Facebook, that I'm far from alone when it comes to the thought of clearing our creative spaces. Where's the Changing Rooms team when I need them?


kjjc said...

Great to read this. We are off to France for our holiday soon. Can't wait.

mark gould said...

wow Paul, some beautiful pics and what a great way to lay it out and remember, I wish I was like that, I really should make the effort if it will look that good.
take it easy mate, mark

Justie said...

Very cool I really like the one picture with the twisted gun. That awesome. I hope to go to Europe one of these days. I really want to see the United Kingdom. All the historical buildings in London well explore the UK country side too. I think I would feel right at home in the United Kingdom. Don't ask me why, lol. I would have to get use to driving on the other side of the street and the money. But I would get use to it in no time. Hope the weather treating you both well. Where you are at in the United Kingdom.

Richard Pettitt said...

I agree, so much happens on a touring holiday that it's a mammoth task to write it all up afterwards. I enjoyed looking through your scrapbook. It will be great to look back at in years to come. Particularly like how you have varied the shapes and layouts of the photos.

alexa said...

Well, that has been a great read, Paul, and you are right, it is a book! I like your eccentric cafÄ— owner, but would have passed on the snails :). Your collection of food photos is such a clever idea. I often take photos of food but struggle to find a way of making them look good on the page along with other things. Grouping then together is genius! Glad you really enjoyed it - me too! How is the Great Craft Room Clean Up going?

Neet said...

A wonderful way to recall happy days spent in France. I like the idea of this digi scrapping and then printing it out - that way there is no bulky albums piling up.
Love how you did it.
Hugs, Neet xx