Monday, 22 July 2013

Steampunk Boot Card

I saw this stamp in my local craft shop and though I'm not really a Steampunk guy, the image really caught my eye.  It's Click Your Heels by Stampendous.

It's perfect for stampers who like to add colour to but I thought it would have more impact with straight black on white. And almost by default, my go to accent with black and white is, of course, a poppy red. It was the colour scheme of my bedroom when I was a teen and I still have a nostalgic soft spot for it. I know, I know, very stereotypical. A teenager with black wallpaper lol. I had a white wall too to keep the parents happy and then I painted the shelves and skirting board in red. Pity there's no photograph ever taken of it :(

Thanks for stopping by :)

Materials Used:
- Card: Black, Red, White
- Boot Stamp: Stampendous
- Sentiment Stamp: Unknown (sorry)
- Loopy Border Punch: Martha Stewart
- Tag Die: Spellbinders


kjjc said...

Wow. I love that boot and you are right about the impact.
I would have loved to c your bedroom. It sounds very funky. I had wallpaper with pictures of bottle so alcohol all over it. My first introduction to the world of vodka and Bacardi.

JoZart said...

I love it Paul and Neet used it for my birthday card with purple!!
It really is quirky and I love how you've used it.
Jo x

Lindsay Mason said...

What a great image and just like you to have the willpower not to colour it in! I'd have found it hard to resist getting my fine pens out! Lindsay x x x

Michele said...

Fab card - I love the black, white and red combo. I had red glossed skirting boards, door and windows. Must have been a nightmare for them to paint over when I'd left home! x

alexa said...

Now there is real style! I love the graphic look of this and the touch of red is just perfect. You see? Way back then you had great style too!

mark gould said...

Great stamp Paul and the detail of the stamp on the clean back ground.
Sorry for the absence,Ill be better as soon as the summer is over ;)
Those biccies look good too