Sunday, 28 July 2013

White Out & Weird Biscuits

I started making a card with an idea in mind completely different to the finished result. I had my bird die out again with the thought that this time I would use the stencil shape that is left behind. However, as I was experimenting, the white shape fell on top of some stray white card on my desk. I loved the look and that is how I came to make this...

When it came to adding a sentiment, I wanted to keep with the minimalist style and it so happened that only a few days ago, when in my local craft shop, I bought some white letter stickers that were in a sale which were perfect for the job. I also wanted to have something more stylish/pretentious (delete as you feel appropriate) than the usual best wishes or happy birthday. And J'Adore popped into my head. It needs something after it but the thought can be carried through on the inside of the card.

And whilst I'm in pretentious mode, I thought i'd share a photo of these little lovelies that I baked today. Can you guess the unusual ingredient?

Those who know me may balk at the idea of trying a biscuit that I tell them has an interesting something extra in it. They are wise. However, this time, it's not as weird as it may at first sound. These biscuits (if you're from across the pond and reading this, biscuit is the proper word for what you mistakenly call cookies ;) ), are made from peanut butter, chocolate drops, honey, vanilla essence and......oh yes, chick peas.

Yup, these are Chick Pea biscuits and they are wickedly good. It's like eating raw cookie dough with a peanut butter flavour. And the honey makes them moorishly sweet. If you want to have a go at making them yourself, a google search will quickly throw up a recipe. I believe they are causing quite a stir on social media. Or here's the link to the original recipe. If you have a food processor, they are a doddle. We have a ton of chick peas in the house because we make a lot of our own hummus and the dried variety are so much cheaper than tinned. I'd soaked  them overnight but once ready, the rest took less than half an hour start to finish. And the ten minutes waiting for them to bake was used to wash up.

So go on, give 'em a go. You know you want to. You can even serve them up to any annoyingly faddy friends you have around, whom you secretly want to throttle whenever they tell you they mustn't because they're gluten/wheat intolerant or vegan lol. (oh they'll be complaints now haha).

Thanks for popping by and, providing you haven't now removed me from your blog list, I'll see you soon :D


Frank Garcia said...

OMG that card is as scrumptious as your biscuits. Yum! Love it!



Michele said...

Gorgeous - I love the white on white effect! x

Richard Pettitt said...

Thanks for explaining what you were thinking as you made the card. Interesting to have a glimpse inside your creative mind!

Neet said...

Dare I say "I adore" your card. Very you. Love the clean classy look of it.
Now the biscuits - must give them a try but need to have time so hopefully will remember.
Thanks for sharing Paul.
Hugs, Neet xx

katou said...

"J'adore" is not stylish or pretentious ,it's just a little bit stronger than "j'aime" (I love it)
J'adore both your card and the biscuits( I have to try it now)