Monday, 2 September 2013

Painting Prima Lightbulbs & Birthdays

Hi there my lovely. I trust you've had a great weekend. Me? Thank you for asking. I celebrated, or rather saw in and saw off, my birthday. I'm now, gulp, in my mid to late forties, depending on the mood I'm in. I kept it all rather low key this year. A quiet stroll around a walled garden, some ancient ruins (feeling quite at home) and then back to watch a movie and indulge in some treats.

I had some lovely presents and even lovelier cards. Thank you if you were one of the sweet people who sent me one. However the best memory of the day was chatting over fresh, buttered crumpets with Nick, scheming our future and plans. Some days I'm happy as pie with just small talk. Other days I love talking about dreams, plans and all the big picture stuff. I'm such an American wannabe at heart.

I even found some time over the last couple of days to sit and craft.

Yes, it's rather minimalist isn't it. And you know what? I love it like that. Looks more like an art piece. I had planned to put a sentiment on it somewhere but I preferred how all the attention is in one area. You can't help but notice the vibrant purple oval and deep aqua lightbulb. The sentiment can go on the inside instead.

The lightbulb embellishment is one of Prima's. They're translucent with type on them. I started by scratching off the lettering which was disappointingly all too easy. I then sanded it down and added a couple of coats of gesso. I then coated it with absorbent ground which makes it better for the next step, applying marine blue acrylic ink.

Once dry, I gave it a coating of Tim Holtz Ranger's Rock Candy Distress Crackle paint. The crackle effect is subtle but it also added a gloss finish to the piece.

I die cut an oval from purple mulberry paper, stuck onto black card before gluing the embellishment on top using Ranger's Glossy Accents.

And there you have it. Arty fun but resulting in another clean and graphic card.

Thank you, as always, for stopping by. I'll be back soon with another post later this week.


kjjc said...

Clean simple and lovely. Glad u had such a nice day yesterday.

Michele said...

Great colour combination! Glad you enjoyed your birthday xx

Kay Wallace said...

First, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Paul! So glad you enjoyed your day of celebrating PAUL! Love your card...striking marine blue and purple against the start black. A win-win combination. I noticed and appreciate the subtle "crackles." Most often, I find simple elegance to be my art of choice!! Bravo!

Richard Pettitt said...

Once again, it's fascinating to read how you created the piece. I must try to do that with my own. I like the crackled paint effect on the lightbulb - a neat idea. Happy Birthday!! Who cares what number you're on anyway.

Neet said...

Glad you had a lovely relaxed birthday - sounds my sort of ideal day - crumpets and chit chat.
Love your idea with the bulb - now thinking of making a mould to do some more or what about the paper casting you once taught us? Endless ideas - must be a lightbulb moment! (sorry)
Hugs, Neet xx

alexa said...

Belated Happy Birthday, my friend! And your minimalist lightbulb is very striking ... Were there macaroons?