Sunday, 13 October 2013

Inspired Patterns - Day Thirteen

Once again, I'm turning to Pinterest for inspiration. There are just so many wonderful photos you can use to kickstart an idea.

Such as this one...

I love how this person has created their own repeat pattern using string and paint. Reminds me of my childhood.

So I thought I'd replicate the idea digitally...

and then digitally stamp..

Fun to create (if you like mucking around on computers) and far less messy. No paint to clean up after.

Thanks for dropping by :)

P.S. It's 11.30pm on Saturday night & I thought I'd add a quick update to this scheduled post. Firstly, thank you everyone for your thoughts & wishes regards Nick's operation. He's fine and had the operation. However, the hospital won't discharge patients until they've been for a tinkle. And so far, Nick hasn't. So he's being kept in overnight. I've been stoic all week and all night. I came close to cracking when Nick tried for his first walk and nearly fainted causing nurses to run around with monitors and breathing apparatus, checking his blood pressure and heart beat. He'd gone a very grey colour too. I sat there quietly, letting the professionals do their jobs and do them superbly. I've been holding everything in and kept that wonderfully stereotypical englishman's stiff upper lip throughout. But now I'm home. And I know that when I'm done here, I'm going downstairs, grabbing a bowl of cereal and I'm going to crack. So tomorrow, I can go back to the hospital, bright & breezy and go bring Nick home.

And I tell you what. I'm glad I got ahead of myself. There's no way I'll be sat in front of the computer playing over the next 24 hours :) Thanks again for all your good wishes. xxxxx


Monika Reeck said...

God listen to my pray...I am happy if you feel happy
Thats what froend are for...and yes that man idea is very good and your patterned paper also...great you can blogging again right...thanks God once more for the reault of Nick operation. Crafty hugs.

kjjc said...


Kay Wallace said...

Nick is likely home by now, and I am grateful for his care, both in the hospital and now, at home with you. Like you, I hold it all together until "after," then, in private, let it all go. Not a bad way, I guess. But, now, you can both work at getting back to normal. P.S. Love today's pattern! I have actually made my own stamps with wood blocks and rubber bands, much like the stamp in your example. This one "speaks to me!"

Richard Pettitt said...

Good looking pattern this. Glad to hear Nick is on the mend and you haven't cracked completely! Sounds like you've been a rock for him. Enjoy getting him home.