Sunday, 3 November 2013

It's Been A While

It's been quite some time since I last produced a scrapbook page. Especially a hands on one. My scrapping has very much morphed into that of a digital format, which I print out and stick in my album. I've lost the joy that can be had from going with the flow and just making a page without the use of computer software.

So whilst I was listening to a podcast from Paperclipping Roundtable, my ears pricked up at the end when one of the guests mentioned an idea she had for a different way to scrap. Her thought was to make two layouts, each 12" x 6" format. On one she would place the journaling and the other she would have the design with photo and embellishments.

Now I'm not keen on going down the 12x12 route again with scrapping. I'm staying with A4. But it made me think. Could I journal in the bottom third only, leaving a blank square space above to design as I choose, in a more hands on approach? No computers, no sketches. Just photographs, paper, stamps and embellishments (flat ones at that). To just enjoy pushing stuff around a square space until I was happy.

And this is what happened when I put that thought into practice.

You all know by now that last month, Nick had a hernia operation. Well, for me, the story in that episode was not the operation itself. It was the fear of an unexpected worse case scenario. Of course, everything turned out perfectly fine. It's now easy to laugh it off and admit what a dope I was for panicking in the first place.

As for the scrapping. I loved doing a design without a plan. Just pushing papers around and seeing what gives. It felt like crafting should feel like. It loses something when done completely digitally. I'll definitely be doing this more often.

As always, thank you ever so much for dropping by


Kay Wallace said...

I didn't expect to cry this morning, Paul, but reading your narrative of your feelings for Nick and your fear of loss were just overwhelming for me. The clean sheets on which you slept alone were certainly symbolic. Like you, I have been away from scrapbooking and into art journaling, but you have kindled that interest in me today. Just perhaps...perhaps!

alexa said...

Your journalling is very moving, Paul, and I am so glad that you have been able to be together again at home without incident and that all is well. I am excited about your page, which is so full of story and memory yet visually attractive, for I have now settled my recent scrapbooking dilemma for myself and worked out the true function of my Day2Day book, and much of what you have written above is resonating loudly with me :).

Monika Reeck said...

I see this and I can imagine how Nick was feeling pain...and it is simply lovely ..the colors and the paper combo...great job are you there..I just have put a card on my blog was heavy to have two boys and have a holiday for a week I really have less time to creating :) enjoy the rest of sunday..hugs

Neet said...

Didn't know about Nick but that was a very moving account you wrote. And so brave of you to share your innermost thoughts at what must have been a very upsetting time for you. I am sure you will fill up whenever you see that page but it is a beautiful emotive, moving page.
Thanks for sharing such a lovely layout.
Love Neet xx

Richard Pettitt said...

Quality scrapping Paul, and a very powerful piece of writing. The two-thirds square looks to be working for you.