Friday, 15 November 2013

Whopper Whelks

Apart from Macarons, you may also know from reading my blog that when in France, my other foodie treat is seafood (Fruits de Mer), especially and above all else, Whelks (Bulots). Whenever we drive over there, our first food shop always includes prawns, whelks and occasionally, shrimps.

Back in Manchester, seafood is rarer than Macarons. I've only ever found live whelks in Manchester's Food Market. And on average, I come across them once a year. So when I do, I buy everything they stock.

But I have never seen them so late in the year.

Until now.

And what's more, these weren't your average whelks either. They were giants. You can see from the photo in my layout. I placed a whelk saved from my last trip abroad next to one of these beasts. Over twice the size!!!

So there I was, walking through Manchester, carrying a large white bag containing two kilos of whelks. And I bet I was the only one. They were even plonked onto the seat next to me on the train journey home. Thankfully, no-one enquired about what lay inside, clattering around.

We cooked them up that evening, let them cool and tucked in with lashings of naughty mayonnaise plus a decent serving of dark green veg.

Well, we don't have them everyday now.


Kay Wallace said...

I have to admit, I am not a seafood person. I was raised in the middle of the U.S., and my seafood came in a can--tuna and salmon! (Stop! I hear you growning!) But, I do have to say that you kept me entertained by your ability to write! About anything!

Lindsay Mason said...

Mmmmmm....not sure about those Paul! LOVED your giant button cards, but giant whelks (or any whelks really!), nooooooo....!!! Glad you enjoyed them though and I'm sure you cooked them to perfection. Lindsay x x x

alexa said...

What a beautifully designed page! just reminds me why I love Clean and Simple. Not sure about eating those whelks but what you have done here is visually delicious!

Richard Pettitt said...

Hahaha brilliant, that's a LOT of whelks. Priceless image of you sitting on a train with your rattling bag of sea shells. That's one way to get a seat to yourself.