Saturday, 7 December 2013

Purple Haze, In a Daze!

I've a head full of a cold at the moment. Not completely surprising, at this time of year. It was generously passed onto me by my brother who rarely catches these annoying bugs. So now I have it and I've been kind enough to pass it on to Nick.  It's doing the rounds. Typical, at the time of year, when there's lots to do and people to see.

So I didn't feel like challenging myself as I sat in my craft room. I fancied just pulling stuff out and seeing what came of it.

and lo & behold, I went all purple. I file my sheets of card by colour and my fingers began to hover over the reds but then they dived into the file marked purples and violets.

And with my new stamp filing system in process, I picked out this chandelier design which I haven't used in a long time.

On my first attempt, I die cut the square shape first and stamped on top but my hand/eye co-ordination didn't quite place it correctly. I stamped it too much over to the left. Threw that away and began again. This time, I stamped the image first then placed the die over it centrally. Much easier!

I stamped and embossed a sentiment with black powder and added a border precut from kraft sheets.

Lots of sticky foam pads later, this was the result.

It's good to make something with no plan at the start. Must try to do it more often.


kjjc said...

Nice. Loving that die. What is it?hope you feel better soon.

Kay Wallace said...

A beautiful card, Paul, and quite versatile for whatever you might need! Love that stamp. I sometimes find it challenging stamping onto texture paper, but your came out perfectly. Like the addition of the kraft paper, too. Very "you," and I love it! Hope you both feel better very soon!

alexa said...

Sorry to hear you are smitten by a lurghi, but glad it doesn't seem to have diminished your creativity :). Like the way you went with the flow, and let your fingers do the choosing.

Tasnim said...

Very elegant. I have been a follower for some time, and I like your clean and sophisticated style.

Michele said...

Lovely! Hope you feel better soon x

Richard Pettitt said...

Hope you feel better soon Paul. I've just defeated my second cold since I started my new job. Thanks for sharing the process of making this card - love a bit of trial and error! x

Lindsey said...

Beautiful and elegant. I'm so glad I found your blog. I hope you feel better soon!