Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Not that I'll be sending out any cards, flowers or chocolates myself. Nor, to the best of my knowledge, will I be in receipt of any. Not because I'm alone and loveless. If you've followed my blog, you know that's not true. Nick & I simply don't bother with it. By mutual agreement I may add too. If I want chocolates or roses, on any day of the year, I know Nick would oblige. Anyway, Nick & I celebrate our Anniversary only 10 days earlier. So it just seems too soon to go through the whole rigmarole once again.

I'm happy for the other suckers, romantic souls out there to fly arrows from cupid's bow and book dinners, buy flowers and send confectionary gooiness to their bunnikins and baby bears. It's a day for fun and silliness and who can begrudge it?

I say it every year but for new readers, today is also my parents' wedding anniversary. Which may partially explain my own reluctance to celebrate the 14th. Yes, I do give them a card.

So the card above is my contribution to the lovesick everywhere.  My valentine to the blogosphere. It's a cut and paste job using Spellbinders Square Nesting Dies. I sellotaped the dies together to form one & ran them through four colours of card. I cut two of the largest square shapes out of more card and stuck the various sized frames together onto them. I trimmed both squares on the diagonal and swapped them about. One of those squares is used here, the other for another time. The heart was die cut from velvet paper.

And if the Postie does happen to drop a little something on my doormat today, I'll let you know


alexa said...

That's a lot of very careful work, Paul :) and glad that someone is going to admire and receive it today! We are similarly low key here, and happy with it.

Gabby said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Paul! I like your card. I never thought of layering the cuts of any shape, then then cutting and fitting it together. What a handsome result. I will definitely give it a go to see what comes of it. The layered hearts make a sweet center, as well. My DH passed away five years ago last August. On Valentine's Day and our Anniversary, I find myself going through the beautiful cards and many letters he wrote me through the years. It is a joy to reminisce about the happy, loving times we shared. :)

JoZart said...

Thank you for your Valentine, it's so classy. Like you we don't succumb to the commercialisation of it all and, like Nick, DH will get me anything I want or need all through the year.
The card is very patchwork in style so how about a full size one next?!
Have a good weekend,
Jo x

Marjolein said...

I totally agree with you! But...
this year I made a card for both our teenaged children and my husband....well after I made the two non-traditional cards for our kids I felt a bit guilty about not having made one for him, and I do love him so why not..
So I made a card for him too, the first I think in 20 years of marriage. :-)
Probably the last too on Valentine's Day, and like the both of you, we totally agree on that ourselves.
Your card is amazing and I love the contrast/ shadow effect it has on each half!
Diagonal is so much more interesting.
Love the 'love sentiment/ diecut'
Very elegant and a great contrast with the graphic squares design
Velvet paper (?), oh that's something new for me...adds a whole new dimension to your heart!
Thanks for the inspiration.