Monday, 3 March 2014

Adventure February 2014

Hello My Dear Readers

It's that time when another month rolls around and I review my words of the year, Clean & Adventure. I'll skip by on the Clean this time around. I'm still incorporating it into my life and I have great plans in the year regards it. However, nothing of note happened during February.

Adventure on the other hand was to be found aplenty in the shortest month of the year. Most of it occurring in the last ten days. I sneaked a scheduled post in last week to throw you off the scent but I've been away in Switzerland, surrounded by stunning snow-laden mountains and glaciers.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I began the month downloading and completely failing at the game, Flappy Bird. I deleted it the day before the inventor pulled it.

The beginning of the month also saw terrible floods in the UK but here in the North West, we had an evening of hurricane force winds such as I've never been in before. The devastation to the trees around here was quite something.

Then, for Valentine's Day, Nick & I between us, experimented with creating a pizza with a base made from cauliflower instead of the usual bready dough.

The rest of the adventures come from the holiday in the Swiss Alps. We did it all by train and it included a day travelling on the Glacier Express, taking us deep into the snowy mountains. The trains had panoramic windows to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and it may be a cliche but it really was.

There were several new culinary tastes to be had on the holiday but I selected for this page, the incredibly moorish cake, biscuit type things. It's like deep friend batter coated in icing sugar and they taste of doughnuts. I could have eaten the country's entire stock of them.

At one of our stops along the way, we stretched our legs walking across a frozen lake. For no reason better than neither of us had ever done so before.

Finally, as a lesser first, I bought a never-tried-before lip balm from a Swiss branch of the Lush chain. The staff were as lovely as they are in the UK. In the cold climate, it was a mistake not to have packed some balm. I was chapping where no guy should be. When faced with the array of different varieties that Lush sold, the girl at the counter pointed to the Honey version and told me that this was the one best suited to those who love kissing. In that moment, I was sold.

And that has been my adventurous month. I could prattle on for pages and pages about the holiday and I'm patting myself on the back for keeping this post so succinct. Between us there are well over a thousand photos to sift through and oodles of wonderful memories. So when I have a moment, I intend to create a slideshow of the best so that we can happily relive the holiday for years to come.

For now, there's only the grim reality of washing and ironing :)


Marjolein said...

Ah, the Swiss Alps are indeed breathtaking!
I'm glad the two of you had such a terrific/ great time, enjoying the beautiful scenery and trying lots of different things!!
I'm looking forward to how this will influence your creative side.....
The cake looks yummy btw! :-)


Gabby said...

Sounds like a fabulous holiday! So glad you both enjoyed it. I've only seen pics of Switzerland and it is indeed full of breathtaking scenery. The donut-tasting pastry you ate sounds interesting and quite good. Thanks for reminding me that I have a pile of shirts to iron. Arrgghh!

alexa said...

My Dad has just been reading me details from the newspaper of a train holiday to the Swiss Alps and saying he wants to go! It sounds wonderful ... Your page is elegantly simple but full is story :).