Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Stencil Ideas & Practice

Hello my wonderful peeps

Now that I have regained back my time for crafting, I've been playing around with some stencils I bought a few weeks ago. I'm still getting to grips with using embossing paste and need a little more practice but I've gone ahead and used my play pieces anyway.

I experimented with adding embossing powder over the embossing paste for this one. It ended up a tad messy in places but it still gives a striking effect. The texture IRL is much better than I've been able to capture in the photo.

A softer palette here. I laid the stencil over white card and used a sponge dauber to apply ink. I die cut the heart out of the resulting card and added a complimentary 'smaller hearts" die cut piece in it's place. Backed it onto pink card and voila.

Right, I'd better go back to my work. My tea and biscuit won't feel right if I haven't done something to earn them :)


Gabby said...

Nice cards! Hard to believe these are your emb paste "play" pieces. Well done! Wait til you try the colored emb paste w/glitter, it looks even more awesome. :)

alexa said...

I do like that top one in particular - the chevrons are very striking ... Embossing paste sounds messy - does it get everywhere?

Neet said...

I feel just the same about paste - but since using Wendy V's over the weekend I am feeling a bit happier - might go and do some tomorrow.
Hugs, Neet (who loved seeing you at weekend)xxx
ps just ONE biscuit?