Monday, 7 July 2014

Weekend Wrap

Another weekend been and gone. No Go Karting this time, thankfully. Also no visitors staying. We had family last weekend and for the next, we have an old friend of Nick's. This, however, was a weekend in the middle spent just to ourselves.

So whilst everyone else in the UK entertained themselves with Wimbledon, World Cup, or Tour de France, we spent a mostly sport-free day (however, Sunday was Silverstone's 50th anniversary of holding the F1 - which Nick sat & watched - yawn - cars!!!)

Instead, we took advantage of the sunny weather and summery season to visit a cottage garden we had failed until now, to grace with our presence, The Bluebell Cottage Gardens.

 As we turned into the car park, there was only one car in the parking area and it was leaving. How could this be possible? On a sunny day? In Summer? At the weekend? At Midday? It should be heaving. But what it did mean was that for a wonderful hour, we had the garden to ourselves.

It would be impossible to try and evoke how tranquil the whole setting was. Everything out in bloom, at it's best and attracting butterflies, damselflies and one tabby cat. Sat by the pond, I couldn't have wished for a more perfect surrounding.

Back home, our own garden is in bloom and a couple of new ventures are beginning to bear the fruit of our labours (and when I say our, I mean Nick's). The yellow flower which has popped out this weekend, is from our crop of Spaghetti Squashes,  which were grown from seed earlier this year, transferred to the garden in June and are now flourishing. Later in the year, I'm hoping to have a batch of these rather unique gourds to eat. There are loads of recipes around suggesting them as an alternative to pasta but here in the UK, you can not buy them in the shops. The only way to try them, other than going abroad, is to grow your own.

The other new crop are Kohl Rabis. We've never grown them before and they are now ready for plucking. We have quite a number of them, all the size of tennis balls, to be eaten. They are perfect in salads and I believe some people eat them just like apples. Super healthy too. Hark at me, blogging about health food!!!! Must be sun stroke!

This is more like it don't you think? Sunday was market day and we popped along to a favourite stall and filled a large, bright pink, box with scrumptious Macarons. Salted caramel, Strawberries & Cream, Violet, Lavender and Raspberry are just some of the mouth watering flavours we treated ourselves too.

Who needs sport? I can find much better ways to spend a weekend :D


JoZart said...

I feel rested just browsing your post. Thank you Paul.
I must put the gardens on my list for another visit as it's years since we've been there.
The other day , whilst talking to my 4 year old grandee in Germany, via skype, she was munching away and I was surprised when she told me it was Kohl Rabi ... raw! She loves it. I think I'll go for that shaded macaron bleu, now that's a real treat.
Love Jo x

kjjc said...

Ah. Wondered where you'd been. Coventry garden sprung to mind or maybe you'd popped across the channel and sped down to the capital all in the name of the not so humble macaron. Are you telling us that our favourite delicacies are now available at the local market? Are they as tasty as the foreign versions? Can't be surely.

Monika Reeck said...

Your last picture really make me hungry...I am still in fasting month LOL...and it looks soo yummy....may I have one Paul LOL...have a great day..send my best regards from Munich, Hugs, Monika

WineCountryman said...

Love Your posts! Love Your Travels ..lucky Guys!

Neet said...

You find the most interesting spots to visit and this one (Bluebell Cottage Gardens) looks enchanting.
Love your array of the more unusual veggies but the Macarons are what caught my eye. Please tell, where is this Sunday market?
Hugs, Neet xx