Thursday, 14 August 2014

Doodling & the Talents of Friends

I've been doodling again. I wasn't sure whether to post the result or not as it's rougher than a bear's backside. It was something I idled away at whilst curled up on the sofa at nights, normally in front of a TV show or film.

In real life, it's quite a small page and the imperfections don't show up as bad. The moment I scanned it and saw it on screen, it's like every error had a flashing red arrow pointing at it. And yes, I feel just as vulnerable as everyone else who shares their stuff online, especially when it's a crappy play project for fun.

But heck, I just wanted to scribble away and produce something colourful. I stumbled when I realised the black pen I was using wasn't a water resistant one which meant the best way to add colour was to use pencils.

I dug out my Spectrum Noirs and soon found out how easy it was to cripple the carpal tunnel in my wrist! They produced a lovely rich colour but boy did I have to press down hard and keep going over until I had as smooth a colour as I could. I think you can tell where I gave up.

Next time, I'll use the correct black marker and use ink or watercolour.

In the meantime, I have much better artwork to share with you. My lovely friend Richard Pettitt now has a website up - check it out here - and he's taking commissions for pet portraits.

(Taken from Richards Web Page)

I have to say I love this particular one. The evil glowing eyes are mesmerising.

Anyway, although I knew he could draw dogs, I commissioned him to do a portrait for Nick & I of our furry housemate, Basil. And this week we received it. It's something I never thought to have done. It always struck me as a bit too sentimental and nauseating to have a pet portrait. But you know what? I should slap myself hard for ever having that thought. There's something utterly soul-lifting about having an artist draw an animal you live, love and care for.

Now I don't have the finished piece to share, it's too precious to put under the scanner and I'm keeping it pristine until it is framed.


I can share the photo Richard sent over whilst he was in the middle of working on it.

When we saw this, we went batcrap crazy over it. Photos of pets bring you wonderful memories but the experience and emotion you feel over a piece of art is beyond my humble means of expression. I have no words to do it justice.

Nick & I have had quite a few adventures and firsts this year. This has to be one of the highlights. So, so very happy with it.

Ironically, the day it arrived was the same day as a trip, for sir, to the vets, to have his annual injections. Two days later, he is only just forgiving us. Ever seen a cat sulk? His majesty can out-diva both of us.

And that's saying something


Neet said...

So enjoyed this posting. I love the zentangling you have done. What you are knocking it for I do not know - it is fabulous! I hate zen'ing myself but love looking at the work of others and I adore this.
The drawing of Basil must be amazing and I love the prelim photo but the words you put after it made me choked, yes, I can imagine how you two felt. Oh - and yes, I know how cats can sulk!
Love, Neet xx

Richard Pettitt said...

Oh my word!!! Thank you very much Paul! Very nice to get a mention in your blog and see some of my pet portraits staring back at me. What a weird and lovely sensation...

So glad you and Nick like the portrait of Basil. I must say, he sat very still for me in the photograph!

Great to see you doodling and experimenting again, and I hope to see more amazing card designs soon!

Rich x

alexa said...

What a wonderfully life-enhancing post, Paul! Basil is just beautifully captured ... And I love the energy in your zentangly doodling. More power to your elbow, as my grandmother would have said - though sounds like it's your wrist which needs some TLC. Do take care!

Shaz Brooks said...

That is an amazing piece of artwork, and I can see why you are so happy with it. I rather think that cats may have invented sulking, they can certainly do it to Olympic standard! We have a black cat called Ambrose, and if offended in any way, he will walk to sit in front of you, just out of reach. Then he will sit with his back firmly towards you, casting the occasional sneaky glance over one shoulder to make sure you've seen that he's sulking! Hugs, Shaz xx