Monday, 20 October 2014

Making Cards & Chutneys

Hello my lovely friends

I pulled out all my stash today, full of ideas for making a card. It was going to be something with bells, whistles and extra special icing on top. I was going to stretch taut every creative sinew I have.


I fell in love with a much simpler design.

It all started with great intentions. I took some wood veneer and die cut it using a Chat Bubble shape and then a Heart. I backed the result with a small piece of red card. All well and good. So I rifled through my cardstock and selected a pale blue number to trim and fold. I laid my chat bubble on top to stimulate ideas for what to do next.

And guess what? I fell at the first hurdle cos I loved it and I couldn't add anything else. I tried, but all my efforts detracted from the strong design already there.

I gave in. This was the card and how it was going to be. It was finished, whether I accepted it or not.

In other news. That mush which has been boiling away in the kitchen has just been jarred.

All our Mostarda Di Vencentino requires now are the labels. They've been ordered and are in the postal system winging their way to us. I'll design the labels on computer once I know their size, print them out and that's our quinces ready to give away.

Is it just me or does Autumn make you feel more creative and productive?


Craftychris said...

Love the card, the simplicity of it is genius! I have trouble knowing when to stop! Ooh what lovely jars of yummyness! x

kjjc said...

clean simple and elegant. Quince recipes? fab.

Richard Pettitt said...

Love how you listened to what the design wanted, rather than imposing more stuff on it. Simple is beautiful.

Monika Reeck said...

the card really Simple and adorable Paul...I never made a card without sentiment I guess and you did it so are you my friend..cheers, Monika