Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Card & A Trip to London

Hello again my lovelies

I've blown the dust off my inks recently and started to re-educate myself on how to stamp. Or rather, how to stamp successfully. I'd all but forgotten that there was a knack to it. Mind you, I recently flicked through a craft magazine and all the projects had appalling stamped images. Lots of missing patches of ink. I don't rate myself as being that proficient at it but a blindfolded chimp could do better than this mag's contributions. No wonder the publishing industry is having problems. I am subscribed to blogs which showcase crafters who are so brilliant, it makes me want to weep into my stash. And I can get that humiliation for free. I foolishly paid cold hard cash to see badly executed stamping.

Oops, slap hand and remind myself not to be such a grumpy sod - It's like that old joke goes - you know the one - "Oh you have a blog? And what do you complain about?"

So why don't I zip it shut and show you the card I made and let you all rain down a thousand judgements upon me instead lol

Since my last post, I've been out and about meeting friends and strangers and pretty much enjoying the aspect of being busy and doing nothing.

In the spirit of this year's "word"  - Adventure - I took a trip to London to meet up with my talented artist friend  - Richard Pettitt (Quick promotion! If you're looking for a beautiful Christmas Gift for someone and they have a pet - dog or cat - send Richard a photo and have him produce a gorgeous drawing from it - his website's here! - he did my cat a while back and it's stunning).

Anyway, when I met up with him - I dragged him off to the 02 to have him (and myself) strapped into a harness (which was as tight around the crotch as you could imagine, before ascending the outside of the dome on a rubber treadway.

Here we both are on the viewing platform at the top where we were treated to a 360 degree view of London.

Once we descended, we hopped off to the Tower of London to take a quick look at the ceramic poppies - not that we could see many as there was a hee-yooge crowd obstructing the view.

I think that, as I type, they are now being removed. So I was pleased to have seen them whilst they were still installed. I can't add anything to what has already been said by everyone else who has seen them. They were, as my American chums would say, awesome!


Tenia Nelson said...

Awesome card and pics!!

kjjc said...

Loving that card. Might we soon see your arty forty grungy side again?

Paul Browning said...

I'm wary of saying never - as who knows - I loved being arty and grungy as it taught me a lot of techniques - but style-wise I love graphic and clean. I was showing my scrapbook layouts to a student the other day and found myself embarrassed by a lot of them. The ones I still felt were timeless and that I was happy with were my cleaner, more minimal pages. Pxx

Monika Reeck said...

lovely Pics Paul and I love that you used that in blue I mean that circle and that heart lovely Sentiment too..nice simple card Paul...

Neet said...

I like CAS cards too - they have that timeless beauty about them. And this card you made is one of them - I also like tones and the blues in this card are perfect, the red - just the hint it needs.
See you soon and then you can tell me about the crotch incident.
Hugs, Neet xx

alexa said...

Those poppies are indeed wonderful - what a great photo. Delighted your adventuring has taken you out and about, as well as up and down :). You look very fetching!