Sunday, 28 December 2014

Xmas Round Up & a Thank You Card

Hello Lovelies

Well, that's it, Christmas done and dusted for another year. We've had our tree and decorations up for a week so today, they have been packed back into their boxes, ready to sit in the attic until December rolls around again.

A week is our limit. It's nice to sit back and have our home back to normal. We can simply enjoy having time off to relax for another few days. Before I say goodbye to the festive season altogether though, I'll share a few snapshots.

Our upside down tree made it's appearance once more.

And he did it again. Nick hung Mozart chocolates on the tree and it took me three days before I realised. He does it every year, and every year I forget to look. I only noticed this time around because I was taking photographs of the tree and saw them dangling there. Needless to say, they started falling off at a rapid rate soon after hehe.

These lights made an appearence after I found them in a long lost box of decorations in the attic. I'm a sucker for fluffy balls.

Okay it's not the tidiest origami you've ever seen. It's the napkins on the Christmas table, folded into Xmas trees. Trouble is, I nearly forgot and hurriedly did them as the doorbell rang and guests arrived.

My mocktail this year was a lavender drink. I sugared the rim of a glass, then mixed coconut water, lavender syrup, violet food colouring and ice together. Herbal heaven! Don't worry, everyone else was well served with alcoholic fizz. This was my treat alone.

Oh the trouble I went to for this shot. We put a false pudding on the table so that I could position a camera on a tripod and focus in and set up the shot. Then Nick carried in the real one, spooned booze all over it and set it alight.

And that was Christmas! Today, it all came down and then I locked myself away in my craft room to make and write out a Thank You card to my M-I-L.

New year is just around the corner, only a few days to scoff all the chocolate and treats before January rears its head and ahem, diets, begin.

Hope you all have had fun with your own celebrations :)


kjjc said...

Great pics. Is that the j&s pud I spy there? If so its delish isn't it? . Looks like you had a nice Christmas.

Monika Reeck said...

I love the combo of blue and brown...lovely stamp you have choosen and nice sentiment on blue...I love also that DIES...nice add of the sequin Paul...hope you have had a happy christmas and happy new year..hugs, Monika

PS: great Fotos Paul.

Gabby said...

This is the FIRST time I have EVER seen an upside down Christmas tree! How COOL it is! Like what appears to be green, purple, blue colors, the sparkle and your fluffy lime green garland. Your mocktail looks delicious. As well, your flaming pudding, sans the flames. Glad you had a merry and hope this new year brings much love, joy and good fortune to you and yours. :)

alexa said...

So many things to enjoy on here! Your tree made me smile with surprise, your napkins made me gasp with envy, and that curvy line at the bottom of your card, echoing the spiral shades above it, is sheer visual genius :).

Michele said...

Fab photos - I love the 'pudding' shot. Hope you both have a very happy new year x