Thursday, 9 July 2015

Lip Play No. 2

Thought I'd have another play with the lip stamp from my previous post. It's a bit of an experimental idea and I'm not sure whether it entirely works or not. I keep feeling it's not quite there yet. There's a playful design sitting somewhere in the depths of my mind that I just haven't quite tapped into yet. It may take a couple more tries until I hit it on the head. The inspiration will come, I'm sure. I just need to shake my rusty brain up a bit. Or maybe I need to let my fingers become inkier and dabble in more stamping? All I can say is, watch this space and don't be surprised if I dig this stamp out again.


Tenia Nelson said...


kjjc said...

Oh I love this. The way you've positioned the red heart agains the blue is fab. It works for me.

Monika Reeck said...

Wooww this one also FUNTASTIC Paul
love the CAS card you have designed
how are you loooong time no see
Hope you are doing well Paul and see you soon on my Blogpost :)
crafty hugs

Richard Pettitt said...

I like this one! I don't think I would like either image on their own, but overlapping them seems to work.