Friday, 18 March 2016

Last Naked Torso - I Promise!

You're all probably sick of seeing this naked torso again. I promise it's the last project (for now).

It's the final of the batch I made and this time I wanted to doodle over it with my Posca paint pens. Again it's part of a heap of experiments. The background, for instance, is my attempt at stamping into texture paste. And adding gold pearl drops, which did not do what I wanted. They ran and blobbed instead. Still, the effect is not too bad.

It certainly adds a bright and cheerful piece of colourful art to my shelf. It sets me up perfectly in the mood to sit down and create, even when the light outside my window looks grey.


alexa said...

This will certainly chase the greyness away! Great pop of colour contrast ....

Richard Pettitt said...

I thinks it's fantastic how much you have been experimenting with materials recently, even if that blooming envy-inducing torso keeps appearing! :-)