Tuesday, 30 September 2008

George's Book

This is where I am truly grateful for the cathartic effect of art and crafts. I have just finished my memory book of my beloved cat, George. In order to make it, I've gone over in my head all the treasured memories I have of him as well as sifting through photos and editing them on photoshop. He has been a prescence in my mind and on my screen and it has made me miss him so much. But it's by going through it and putting it all into this book that I have gone through all the stages of grief and arrived at acceptance. Both Nick & I are in agreement that we will not make any decisions regarding new pets for at least six weeks. We don't want to fill the gap George has left. We want to miss him and have the gap close first.

Anyway, the book is a simple affair. I covered it in background papers using my Once Upon A Time collection. I realised I had enough papers without glitter on them to cover the whole book. I then printed out the same sized photos except for front & back pages. I matted each photo onto green card and added journaling. I didn't tart it up anymore than that. It may be fuss-free but in years to come I'll take it off the shelf, look through it and be grateful that I made it.


Jenga said...

Aww hun it is lovely. You will always be glad you made it.


Anonymous said...

I told you you would go through endless emotions whilst making it but be so glad that you had when it was finished.
A lovely tribute to George - one you can look back on with such fond memories in the months and years to come.
Well done.

mrsspook said...

A wonderful book and a lovely way to remember George, he certainly was a fine looking cat.

Jaqi said...

Ah Im sorry to hear about your cat , but what a wonderful way to remember him and you will be able to look at this in years to come and it wont be so sad , but happy memories . Losing a pet is always hard, chin up, you will be fine, Jaqi