Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Paper Beads

I've started going to an arts & crafts class on Tuesdays and recently we've been making paper beads. Easy enough, I've made them before. But not being one for wearing jewelry, I was struggling to come up with a use for them. However, as you can see, I soon overcame the block and used a handful of them to embellish a card whilst the rest have been turned into a bracelet. Not for me though. If on the rare occasions I choose to wear jewelry it certainly won't be made from paper. No, I have an idea that it can be used to decorate an altered object. So you may see these beads again in a future post. The card is made from scraps of Once Upon A Time paper left over from the book in the previous post. Nothing wasted here.


mrsspook said...

A great piece of art, the beads fit in well

Chris said...

Hi Paul, good to meet you today at Stamp Club (I'm the one who was next to you)

Sorry to read about George but you've done a wonderful book about him.

Don't have time to browse today but I'll come back later.

Jaqi said...

What a great idea to attach them to a card, very nice, Jaqi