Friday, 10 October 2008

Design Class - Week 2

Still on Balance but another aspect of it this week, Assymmetry. I've followed the homework sketch and as instructed added my own embellishment. I'm not used to putting lots of photos onto one layout, an average number for me is a single photo at most a second. This time, I've had to yet again look for several photos around a central theme. I was bored looking at my stock of photos so instead went to Nick's. Perfect! The hedgehogs were just the story I needed. Oh and BTW anyone reading this who's doing the class will note that the journalling block is different to that assigned and in case you're wondering, I used photoshop to delete the original title and and insert my own.


Andie said...

You are putting me to shame. I am sure I was never this laxidasical at school!

Jenga said...

Love it hun!!! xx

kjjc said...

love the way you've made it your own by deviating from the original.