Saturday, 11 October 2008

DYL Week Two - Assignment 2

This, can you believe, has taken me all morning. Most of the time is taken up with work done in photoshop. Selecting photos, cropping photos, printing photos and finally cutting down the photos. A good chunk of the morning has gone just in getting to that stage. Not sure whether I'm a fan of layouts with a multitude of images. Also, because its in the rules to try everything once on this course, I've done as requested and chopped into photographs which purposely cross over the centre divide. In the image above, I've spliced together the double LO to show what it looks like side by side. In reality, it will be put into a scrapbook and have a gap between the two. Not a fan. Don't think I'll design LOs myself with this technique but at least I've tried it. Not sure if I've learnt anything about assymmetry either but I shall delay judgement. The explanantion given didn't seem exact enough but maybe all will be revealed in future lessons. Sometimes it becomes clear a few days later that actually I DID learn something. Right, better go and clear up the art room ready for assignment three.

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