Sunday, 19 October 2008

DYL Week 3 - Real World Colour

Took me an age to find a colour scheme so gave up and went to my trusty box of cuttings and dragged this wallpaper design out. I really must look at other sources for ideas. Apart from the intial time spent looking up colour sources, the rest of the layout was quick and simple. Look! No embellishments! I have to say, I often worry that if it's too simple and uses plain cardstock, it'll look way too basic but I have to say I like the finished page. I may well try this simplicity again in a future lesson. For now I'm pleased that I've caught up. I've been up since the crack of dawn making these three layouts with a trip inbetween to a farmer's market. I now have just enough time for a cup of herbal tea before I need to head off to the art exhibition to take down my display. I do have pictures but someone has kindly taken photos with me in them too and I'm waiting for those before posting.

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Michele said...

I think the 'simple' look really works well. Like the idea for the colour inspiration - my colour scheme is copied faithfully from Cathy!