Sunday, 19 October 2008

Design Your Life - Week 3

This week it's repetition and it's been great fun having to focus solely on this aspect whilst creating the layouts. Okay, the sketches are still requiring multi photos which is a pain but thankfully I found a heap of them sitting in Nick's folder taken of his friend, Nigel. They were all shot at the same time so I figured, so what, it's supposed to be about repetition isn't it? As for layout two, I was sitting in the bath listening to this album & a lightbulb went off. That's what I'll do for assignment two. It may look a simple layout but believe me, I've turned my art room upside down in creating this. All because I was searching for elements, papers and themes to repeat.


Jenga said...

Very sleek and clean LO's hun - love em :)

Anonymous said...

They both look great, Paul! Love you've managed to find the right shades of blue for your single L0 - really effective. Great repetition of that twist shape too. The Nigel LO is a lovely tribute :). Well done on completing them all so swiftly and elegantly! alexa

Michele said...

Love the album idea for the single page LO - it looks stunning.
Great photos on the 'Nigel' LO -think I might have to use someone else's photos too as I'm rapidly running out.