Friday, 24 October 2008

DYL Week Four - Assignment Two

I thought it was hard enough having three layouts a week to make! This week we're practically having to make a mini-book!!! However, not to complain because I've actually learnt quite a bit from doing this exercise. In the future, I think this will help me with some of the themed scrapbooks I am asked to do. It's opened up my mind to possibilities. Anyway, back to the assignment, I strayed a little from the instructions. I didn't bother with 5 people but used my five past pets instead and I didn't get them to write the journaling (duh!) I did it myself. Again, I've slunk away from having handwriting on my LO. Got to play with my new die cutting toy too!


Jenga said...

Lovin' your work hun xxx

Michele said...

Great idea to use pets instead of people. Wish I'd thought of that - would have been far easier than trying to get the kids to describe themselves LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aw, lovely treatment! Love the colours you've used and especially the die-cuts - very effective and eye-catching. xx alexa