Friday, 14 November 2008

DYL 7 - Favourite Films

Another multi-photo LO to play with and this time I opted to find images from the web which relate to my favourite films (non-horror that is). Saved me from having to sift through my own collection of pictures. Nothing exciting to note about it, it doesn't have bells and whistles attached to it. It does have patterned paper, I know. If I vary from CZ it's in my love of putting together paper which is anything but plain. However I have kept white space there. Right I can go rest before pizza with friends tonight and starting all over again tomorrow with Real World Colour.


Anonymous said...

Looks grear, and what a good idea to use films! You are on a roll! Enjoy the pizza! XX alexa

Anonymous said...

That should have said "great", just in case you thought is was 'drear!". xxx alexa

Michele said...

Great idea to use images from the web. I've put my Cathy stuff on hold until I come back from India -hopefully with loads of photos.