Saturday, 15 November 2008

Real World Colour Week 7

Today Cathy instructed us to check out Kuler for our inspiration. Yes I've been on this site many times and it was cool that Cathy has alerted all those who are new to design to this fantastic site. And what rainbow of colours did I opt for? Grey! And look...there's a heart there in my LO. I know I'm dismissive of such things but if I'm going to use any soppy sentimentality it will be about these two or their parents. The heart is so completely apposite on here. I can feel myself about to gush and be misty eyed just thinking of them. So not how I normally am!!! Okay that's this week's designs finished. Will I find new photos for next week? Will I feel inspired to take more so that I can use them? Will Cathy do a sketch with 20 odd photos in it? Time will tell :)


Anonymous said...

Aww! Just lovely, Paul! Love the story and your sentiments and - wow! - there'a a heart in there (in more senses than one!). Great use of grey and love that textured look too ... xx alexa

Michele said...

Great story. Love the grey colour scheme.