Friday, 21 November 2008

DYL Week 8 - Assignment 2

For the second assignment, I took a bunch of photos from the same holiday which were all of ME! Is there no end to my ego! I noticed I pulled a face in nearly all of them. But hey, at least we took photos of each other. You'd be forgiven for thinking that niether one of us was on our last vacation together :D. However, that could all change. I've got a new camera and yes some of you out there reading this will know what I've bought! I'm over the moon with it. I'm looking forward to going out and having an artist's date with it over the weekend. The Manchester Xmas market is up and running so I may take it for a trip there. If only to have some more photos for next weeks assignments.


Anonymous said...

Hey, look at you, babe! Another great Lo with a super story. You are really romping ahead in the "Clean and Simple with Added Class" stakes now! love it - and a great way of pulling together some things about a holiday which would otherwise not get a mench. The colours are lovely - that lilac/purple/blue behnd your title just flows right down from your top in the photo. ;) And you've got as nw camera! Wow! Enjoy ... xx alexa

Michele said...

Love it, Paul - you're definitely on a roll with the clean and simple look x

Anonymous said...

Wow Paul, this has put a real smile on my face. Love it! What fun you must have had.