Saturday, 22 November 2008

Real World Colour Week 8

I'm glad we're doing this again. It's my favourite part of the week, having to find a colour palette. Cathy used a blue and brown scheme i.e. one colour, one neutral. So I tried to find the same and I've gone for red and gold. Gold seems appropriate for the champagne aspect of this LO. It was Gran Canaria many many years ago with an ex and every night we went to the Cafe La Belle. There was a different show each night repeated each week and luckily I was asked to step up to the stage for the Champagne Taste act. Basically, I just had to stand there whilst a whole bottle of poo was poured down my neck. And believe me, I could do it without pausing for breathe at that age. You can check out some other chap having it done to him here: Champagne Taste


Jaqi said...

You have been busy since the last time i visited and its all coming along great, Jaqi

Michele said...

Gorgeous colours - love the swirls and the lipstick!

Anonymous said...

... and I thought you had always been quiet and reserved!
Love this image and what you have done with it. My kind of colours and, yes, it does make me think of champagne.