Saturday, 29 November 2008

DYL Week 9 - Assignment 1 and 2

All I seem to have time for creatively is the DYL classes but I'm pleased to say I'm still with it nine weeks in. Only three more to go plus on Monday Tim Holtz begins his 12 days of technique tags. So I'll try to find time to do those too.

This week, we learnt about the elements of design, line, shape and size. I found this incredibly useful and interesting as it is a part of graphic design I haven't focused on before. I'd seen it as minor importance but thanks to Cathy I see it in a new light.

Thankfully, of the three layouts for this week, two of them had minimal photographs which made life easier but Assignment two made up for it. I went through photographic paper like sand through a sieve. I had to open a new pack! Loads of waste too. Not to mind. I'm sure i can use the leftover scraps later on.


kjjc said...

Brill-love the tale of the house.

Michele said...

Great LOs Paul. Love the kite flying photo sequence. Must admit, I went in to total panic when I say how many photos we needed for this week's assignment - went to the Christmas markets at the weekend especially to take plenty of photos!

Anonymous said...

Super Los - love the house one especially. That shed is just adorable! I've enjoyed this week's design talk on Lines too. But yes, what a lot of photographic paper to have to use!