Saturday, 1 November 2008

White Space - Assignment 2

Getting the hang of it by assignment two. I've still used patterned paper but I've not added to the space. I have to say, I like the overall effect. My initial fear was that it would look too simple but I feel it looks artistically graphic. I may be sullen when I produce a piece like assignment one but I perk up when I push through it and discover I am improving with each new attempt.


Eileen said...

Saw this after assignment three, and although I don't love it quite as much it's still great. It's really warm, and the 'unbusy' patterrned papers work really well as white space. Plain cardstock all the time would be boring - and a waste of all those scrumptious PPs!

Anonymous said...

I love this - lots of interest and texture but plenty of space too. Love the tab. xx alexa

Michele said...

Great choice of papers. Putting the tab in the 'white space' works well. x