Thursday, 4 December 2008

DYL 10 - Grateful LO

After choosing colours, we had to pick out patterned paper and not stick to just plain cardstock. Helps if you own hundreds of papers to choose from haha. To begin, I had an idea of using a photograph of me looking like a dog's breakfast after imbibing too much. Not pretty. And I was going to entitle it Grateful for Sobriety. However, I judged the world was not ready for such a sight! Instead I found a nauseatingly cute picture of me cuddling my younger brother (not a picture you'd easily be able to take these days). Blame the colour scheme on my hideous jumper!!!


Jenga said...

Well I hope my boys have that bond - a great lo Paul xxx

Anonymous said...

Just lovely - and super journalling ... xx alexa

Anonymous said...

Love it - and what a great way to use your photographs whilch, I guess, would not be displayed otherwise.

Michele said...

What a cute photo. Love the colour scheme x