Thursday, 4 December 2008

DYL Week 10 - Maggot Farm LO

This week it's colour theory - something I'm not an exactly a stranger to, having studied art & graphic design already. But it's such an involved subject it was good to hear another take on it. Plus Cathy has shown us a way to choose colours which really does simplify the process. So with that in mind, here's the first of three LOs she has us doing (blimey she's upping the ante, it's normally two - plus the slideshow was around an hour long to watch, it took more than one cup of tea).


kjjc said...

I oculd do with learning about colour. Will have to do this next time she does it. Lovely layouts Paul-as usual.

Anonymous said...

Those colours go really well together, Paul - and love the story|! xx alexa

Michele said...

Love the photo of your Mum holding her nose! Great story x