Thursday, 18 December 2008

DYL Week 12 - Assignment One

Well that's it. This morning I watched Cathy's last slideshow. And you know how many layouts you need to make on this 12 week course? THIRTY SIX! That's 12 LOs a month. I'm normally lucky to churn one out a month. However, it's not left room for much else which is why I have posted very little art on here of recent. Haven't had the time!

Anyway, today was a round up of the last few weeks and what we've learnt. Then for the assignment, our task was to choose one of the sketches and alter it around to make a new LO. I took a portrait sketch from week six and converted it into a 12x12. And this week I've dispensed with my own photos and documented the pop culture I'm into at the moment. And yes, this LO is Ab Fab! Loved it all those years ago and decided to buy them on CD and yes, I found I'm still into it. Such a quotable programme! It's driving Nick nuts haha!

Back to the LO, I've kept symmetry, there's line, there's repetition, there's emphasis, there's co-ordinated colour. I think that's the lot! Oh & I've stamped the swirls and added a single die cut shape (there's another one: shape).

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Michele said...

Absolutely fabulous dahling! x (How predictable was that?)