Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Real World Colour - Week 11

Whew! Made it just in time. Tomorrow is the last lesson and I wanted to have this LO out of the way before it arrives in my inbox. I chose the dramatic colours from the red bull advert and my LO is softened by not using the the starkness of black. The idea was to make a LO with a daily reminder to ourselves. Lacking in imagination (& I tried folks but brain is mush), I opted to use a quote which had been sent to me by Anthony Robbins this very morning. It's fate, I thought. Use the lesson of the day. So there we go. Right, off to get ready & down to Manchester Market to help Nick do his Xmas shopping.


kjjc said...

love the softer colours you chose for the lo Paul. The photo of you is lovely too and I may just have to lift that quote. Great lo.

Michele said...

Great quote - love the 'made for you' embellishment. Lovely piccy of you, too.