Friday, 12 December 2008

DYL Week Eleven - Type

Only one more week to go & I'm proud of myself for sticking with this course and not giving up. I shall miss my Thursday morning lessons after next week. This week we learnt about type and fonts etc. Thankfully I knew a lot of it already so that I could pick out the snippets which were new to me - such as Slab Serifs or starting with 10 point. And I have to say doubling the leading is a new concept. Not sure I'm sold on it completely but I've had a bash. These layouts were quickly cobbled together & I think it shows. Not my favourite efforts. There's nothing wrong with them but they don't have any wow-factor either.


Jenga said...

Well most of that went over my head as I'm not one the course but the LO's are fab hun xxx

Michele said...

I'm definitely going to miss Thursday mornings too. I've got used to eating my porridge with Cathy!

kjjc said...

Everyday you lovely.(All your work is lovely).It is so nice to see you notice all the little everyday things. I will miss the CZ projects as I've so enjoyed looking at your and Michele's blogs.