Sunday, 15 February 2009

Market Day, Cubes & Winter Walks

Always a great start to a Sunday is when we visit a farmers market. The third Sunday of the month is the Bramhall market and the fourth (next week) is Marple. I can highly recommend both. Today we stopped off at the butchers for a Yearling guinea fowl and then from the indoor stalls, some hot salsa (so so soooo hot & tasty), a danish pastry and a melt-in-the-mouth freshly made Spanish tortilla.

Yesterday I made an origami cube after stamping and folding several pieces of patterned paper and gluing them all together. Hopefully the stamping group will enjoy making them in a couple of months time.

And finally, I finished a LO which I began yesterday that has been hanging around for a while. It's about a cold, wintry walk Nick & I did on New Years Eve around New Mills. We'd hardly set outside the home over the festive season, so it did us both some good to stretch our old legs. I found some dusty coloured blues and greys to complement the theme and added snowflake patterned ribbon to embellish. To try and add visual texture, I cut the journalling into strips. Makes me shiver whenever I see these frosty pics as it reminds me of how cold it was walking in the mist on that canal side.


Eileen said...

Love the feel and balance of the LO, Paul - great 'evocative' photos too.

Apparently Jems isn't allowed to post a message, your blog doesn't like her any more!

Jemma said...

I love farmers markets, i used to love going to Grandville island each sat and sun when i was in Vancouver! i know its not a proper farmers market but i loved the italian food stalls mmmmmmm.

And Bar works with a lady from Denmark who makes real danish pastries and i swear to god they are so good i may kill for it!!

I love that cube, but it look a bit complicated to me!!! your so smart with the things you come up with!!! hate that you are so talented LOL

Love the LO there is a really nice flow to it there is nothing better than a winter walk, and the warming up once you get home :) love the colours they are prefect for this LO!!

Guess your blog likes me again and Eileen is wrong about you banning me ;)

Michele said...

Great choice of papers - makes me feel cold looking at this. Definitely prefer my 'walking around the Trafford Centre' style. LOL