Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Shari Carroll @ Topaz

It all seems a long time ago since the weekend, given that over the last 48 hours I've been suffering the effects of food poisoning. My guess is a dodgy mussel from Saturday night's tea. They were delicious but I did note at the time that perhaps a couple of the larger ones were not as well cooked as they should be. Oh well, live and learn.

But before the drama of my mollusc-inflicted digestive organs began, I had a wonderful weekend care of Shari Carroll's workshops at Topaz. I attended one on each of Saturday & Sunday morning. Saturday was pocket cards, Sunday was ink techniques. The designs were awesome, taking in a wide variety of materials and Hero Arts stamps. My personal favourite was working with plain ordinary dull brown card and transforming it into something beautiful. The way Shari chooses her colour combinations in her work is one of the reasons I am a big fan. Pink & Flowers were used, I have to admit but I'm being won over gradually. I even purchased some flower stamps. The ink techniques on Sunday was a messier affair and more relaxed. It was a time to play and experiment with different inks and colour combinations. Love the new Shadow Inks. With plenty of tags and white card, we "walked" our stamps through ink and spritzed and resisted our backgrounds before using our experiments to make a card or two. My crafting mojo is now fully and thoroughly refreshed and renewed after this treat of a weekend.

Right now though, I have to be fairly still and not move around too much plus I have absolutely no desire to be creative, so there won't be much to blog in next few days. I am however, grateful for Frosties. I don't know why but that's all I can face. Never eat them normally but they are the only food which I can think of without feeling queasy (and btw isn't it just the way that as I was at my ickiest lying in bed listening to Radio 4, that every programme seemed to mention food!).


Anonymous said...

So sorry you have been poorly, Paul ... Love the cards and it looks as if you've had a wonderfully refreshing time before that ... Hope you'll be busy inking and spritzing again soon! :) alexa

Michele said...

What gorgeous cards! Sounds like you had a fab time at the workshops - never thought you'd buy a flower stamp! Hope the effects of the mussels have worn off, see you soon x

Eileen said...

Hope you're feeling better, Paul. I really am stunned, though to hear that you ...... BOUGHT FLOWER STAMPS! Shock horror!

Would you like me to send you some primas?

(runs away and hides!)

Hysteri-CAL said...

Awww sorry to hear you're icky :( but you have made some fabby cards and tags !

I'll send you some blossoms then if Eileen is sending ya prima's .. or maybe you'd prefer some crochet flowers ??? PML !!

Love a loads - take care xxxxxx