Friday, 20 February 2009

Freedom LO

I used Colour Combos again. Really like the way it encourages me to combine colours together that I perhaps may not have chosen. Stops me falling into a design rut. Anyway, this is colour combo number 88. The photo is of Dad & his motorbike. Not his first, not new but new to him and bought with the especial purpose of travelling to Spain on holiday with Mum riding on the back. If you look carefully, you'll see that I even dug out the sewing machine for the border, which is rare.

And I am so into this book at the moment. I just have to recommend it. If you love hedgehogs and think they are truly one of nature's cutest animals you must check out this hardback(Amazon: Prickly Affair). The guy has studied, rescued, cared for and become an all round expert on these insectivores. He names them, recognises them by sight and yes there are some sad tales in here too. Hugh doesn't believe in giving lectures to educate. He believes in telling stories. You've only to read how to safely un-ball one of the little creatures and I guarantee you'll be out there in your garden at night with a torch, tracking one down.


Anonymous said...

Superb! Love your cogs and wheels and metallic look - so appropriate and a perfect addition. Can't get in close enough to read the journalling, but am sure it's super too. Great colour combination - loving your clean graphic look, with arty bits!

Anonymous said...

{PS That Anonymous above was me, Alexa - forgot to add that~!)

Michele said...

Great photo - love the 'gear' embellishments and stitching too -very impressed!

Hysteri-CAL said...

I so will NOT be out with my torch looking for them - they have fleas !!!!! *insert shocked smiley*

Love your layout though .. the colour combination is fab !