Thursday, 9 April 2009

Sailing & Sea ATCs

I have an urge to make ATCs at the moment, so I'm going with the flow. There's an ATC swap for which the theme is Sailing or the Sea. That's why these ATCs are mostly blue/aqua in colour. Not very original I know. On La Sylphide I used a paper casting, a stamp and a stencil and pretty much nothing else. I enjoyed keeping this one simple. The other, Rita & Charles, is more of a collaged hotch potch, where I've added layer after layer until happy. I like the 'L' shape that the eye follows starting at Rita through to the jigsaw piece. Thankfully, it doesn't detract from the focal point of the stamped image. I'm encouraged enough to try making a few more when I next hit the craft room.


Michele said...

Fab ATCs, Paul. You've inspired me to start my April ones. I've been making 'twinchies', so will be spoilt for space when I go back to ATCs.

kjjc said...

gorgeous atcs