Sunday, 5 April 2009

Another Crafty Weekend

I didn't blog it but last weekend I had a great time spending Saturday at Harrogate's craft exhibition. Met loads of peeps from both cropping and stamping worlds who all converged on the one day and spent way too much on crafting goodies. And it was the very same stampers I spent the day with yesterday at the Victoria Stamp Club in St Helen's. This is a smashing group and I love every darned one of the lovely ladies in it. They are so friendly and informal and they are completely unshockable! A great laugh. Anyway, it was my pleasure to lead the day and teach the class. I went for a different project to their norm and had them making origami art cubes, paper flowers and paper casting with toilet paper (a frequent favourite I show everyone). I think each one came away from the day having learnt something new which was good and more importantly had fun. By the way, the food there was fantastic. I had the Victoria Club Sarnie, so large, it was a meal in itself. Didn't need to eat much when I got home let's say.

Today was a struggle at first to do anything at all. It felt like it should be a lazy day but I soon kicked my behind into gear and sauntered over to Topaz, who were holding a demo weekend. Like a complete crafting tart, I chatted to all my favourite demoers there, met familiar faces and swapped plenty of funny stories. Time flew by way too quickly. Whilst there I was sooo tempted by a batch of papers there but resisted. However I weakened and bought this Glue Glider Pro gun. Oh if only it came in another colour!!!! Such a horrible pink and lime combination it's almost too bilious to dwell on. But It's bigger and chunkier than the adhesive applicator I currently use and I can see myself having great fun with it.

And then, just as I was leaving the place, I couldn't help but pass by Yankee Candles and buy a handful of Tarts for my burners back home. Heavenly!


Artyjen said...

Had to leave a comment today as I love paper casting too!! You can see an example of some here on my blog if you would like to look. Most people have a glazed look on their face when I try to explain!!:)))

Michele said...

Sounds like you've had a great weekend, Paul. Like the look of your new Glue Glider gun - great photo of it too x

Jaqi said...

Wow, lucky you going to Harrogate. Ive never been to that Craft Exhibition. Been to the Agricultural show there loads of times and thats huge, Is the craft fair at the showground? How brave of you not to spend loads while you are there, you are a stronger person than me, LOL Jaqi

Bettythebaglady said...

Paul can't think now how I found your blog but I love it. Like you I'm also a tart at shows and demos and I'm glad to see you've bought one of those new adhesive applicators in spite of the colour. I've got a big Scotch one which I've had years but the refills are so hard to get hold of I often can't get my a**** in gear to get them. Hope you let us know how you get on with it.How much are the refills etc LOL Betty