Friday, 11 September 2009

Books into boxes part two

With all the trouble of converting a small book into a box, I decided I needed to try again and see if I could make it easier. I took a large book of drivel (some romantic fiction which a child had scribbled all over) and this time removed the pages from the cover in two quick cuts of the knife. With just the covers intact, I then proceeded to cut four thin strips of mountboard to make the box edges. I decorated both book covers and box separately before adhering them together. A much better result and much easier. For starters, less cutting required.

When I next find the time to overhaul my art room and store my stuff away, I'm going to have a bounty of beautiful boxes just sitting there waiting to help me out.


Karen said...

Absolutely stunning Paul.

Love Karen x

Michele said...

Great idea - gorgeous!

Neet said...

Brillsville Paul - a workshop perhaps?

Anonymous said...

fantastic project and what a great result.

What are you going to do with the inner pages of the book?

Sometimes I make flowers (look up lollie pop flowers on you tube or cardstock roses) and use pictures for cardmaking or collages.

I'd be interested in how you use the inner pages of the book too.