Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Oops another embossing mat found its way into my craft room

I'd ordered some new embossing mats a while back and part of the order came straightaway whilst a couple of others were awaiting a new delivery. So I'd kinda forgotten they were owed to me until they fell onto the doormat last week. Even if I've paid for them, it's still nice to have a surprise package waiting for you. So I thought I'd try and make a card which used one of them. I'm making a concerted effort to actually use my craft tools and not have them gather dust. And because I wanted to show off the embossed texture, I kept the design minimal with just a little extra interest added by punching out the edge. Keeping it minimalist also helps in creating a focal point. No clutter to distract the eye. Sorry, I know I veered towards grunge last week but I've swung back to clean and simple again haha.


Michele said...

ooo that's a nice mat! Love the matching border x

Bettythebaglady said...

Paul that's a great card and one I'd be thrilled to send or receive. Like that mat -what range is it? Oh and why is it that every time I get hold of the latest edge punch there's always another one that catches my eye?