Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What to do with leftovers

Having made the previous card from an A4 sheet of grey, I still had half leftover to make another. So I thought I'd try out matching warmer colours to grey. I'd seen it done effectively in a photograph of a sofa's upholstery. I also wanted to have a play at creating a raised frame using one of my nestable dies. And what with making the concertina flower from scratch and cutting out shaped border pieces, this card took longer to make than the final project deceptively appears. Kept me quiet though haha.


kjjc said...

well if it kept YOU quiet!!!!!!LOL. Lovely and clean as always. Adore that flower-remind me to ask you to show me how to do it. Is the greeting a rub-on or stamped or maybe neither? Clean, stylish and classy.

Michele said...

Love the colour combinations on your cards. Lovin the raised nestie frame too:) As for keeping you quiet - couldn't possibly comment LOL

Karen said...

Gorjus card Paul, I really love that flower. Fab colours too.

Love Karen x

Bettythebaglady said...

This one's lovely too and I love that frame. Would make a great Chrissie card in blues with a snowflake in the middle or reds and greens with a 3d tree. I made one using a simple tree punch which looked v. effective. Gonna try this-thanks Paul