Monday, 2 November 2009

Licking those challenges

Saturday, Nick & I saw the most fascinating sculptures at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It was the last gorgeous day of the year and we made the most of it. I'll be making a LO of our day out so will post the photos then. All I'll say for now is if it's within reach, you must make a trip out there. You won't be disappointed.

Sunday was a wet, windy and miserable day. Perfect for hibernation in my craft room. Decided to use the opportunity to lick some of the challenges that have come my way whilst blog hopping this week. This is Mum incorporates the Twisted Sketch and Colour Throwdown challenges. When I think of home, is a UKScrappers challenge for the cybercrop. And this time around the overall theme is Wizard of Oz. I know, perfect for friends of Dorothy. In the allocation of teams, I find myself a Tin Man. We have been asked to create a LO on what makes us think of home. Well, for me, it's a big snuggly sofa to layabout on. Give me a duvet and a sofa and I could ask for no more.

The text on the other LO is blurred - it's not rude (like you may have come to expect from me haha). It's just that it's cathartic journaling about recent events. The colours all work well together and are fortunately colour's I associate with Mum.

Better go off and design that sculpture LO now hadn't I? haha.


kjjc said...

Lovely lo of your mum Paul. Reminds me I should do one of mine. M and I are tinmen too-coincidence.YSP great day out-great sculptures.

Neet said...

Can't sleep so enjoyed reading your blog and doing a bit of catch up. love this LO of your mum - is that you on the sofa?

Michele said...

There's nothing wrong with your creative flow at the moment! Lovely LO of your Mum - gorgeous colours. Can't believe you've even started on the CC challenges - fab photo! x

Anonymous said...

Love the design of this LO! x alexa