Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Simple Box

This is my take on the Colour Q challenge this week. I couldn't resist, the colours chosen are just so enchantingly elegant. Dusty, powdery creams, blues and greys. It's that perfect combo of blue and yellow again, paired with the ultra cool & stylish grey and white.

This time around, I let the craft side take a backseat and went with a more design-led creation. Yes, I made the box myself but it's not my design. It's one I found in a recently purchased book, The Packaging & Design Templates Sourcebook. I just love the curves in this box and I was intrigued as to how to make it. So I printed off the template and given that there were no other instructions, had a couple of attempts before fathoming out which bits were cut around and which were folded. Actually, once I got the hang of it, it was disgracefully simple.

I didn't want to cover up the beautiful white and sleek look of this box, so I went for ultra simple design to add the remaining colours. I think this is as clean and as simple as I've ever gotten. This could be my minimalist apex haha. Karen, I'm guessing you're appalled :D But it made a refreshing change after piecing together the elaborate house-box from the previous post.


Neet said...

I love the curves in this box too - very elegant and stylish. The colours you have done it with are just right for this sleekness (is that a word) - in other words it's "perffick"

Michele said...

Lovely - I love the curvy shape too :)

SnappyStamper said...

Hey Paul~ Love this box! Sorry, I kept coming to look at it, but never found the time to comment until now! I'll have to find that book - I've always loved constructing things, but never seem to find the time! It looks fabulous, though & thanks so much for playing along at the colouyrQ! Have a very Merry Christmas! ~Arielle