Saturday, 19 December 2009

Alexa's Challenge

I am lucky to have some very talented friends, among whom I easily include the very sweet and wonderful Alexa. IACW has recognised her skill in creating spectacular layouts and has asked her to join their creative team. Quite right too. And in way of an introduction, she has set a challenge which is very apt for her style and creative approach. She has chosen an advertisement to inspire us to create both a clean and an arty styled layout.

So to honour Alexa's style, I've completed the first half of the challenge by trying to think like her and how she puts her layouts together. The background is a crisp, clean white which I never do. I always opt for a coloured background. It's also a hybrid of digital work and hands on crafting (The blue swirl is a basic grey stamp). It's certainly clean and simple. Hope you approve Alexa :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, I certainly do, Paul! Great LO, and love how you used a space for the journalling - the clean cool blue and white is wonderful with your pix (and glad no-one was hurt!). Love that stamp too ... Yes, definitely a layout with Maximum Impact! :) xx alexa

Michele said...

Fab LO Paul, - love the swirl stamp xx