Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Final Frontier

Space that is. I know - corny! But that's what the topic on Design Your Life is all about this week and it's worth the fee of the entire class alone. I have been able to produce three clean layouts without the worry about filling the space. It's felt liberating to have been given permission not to clutter up the design with embellishments. Yes, I've been tempted but that nagging voice in my head has been quieted. For this week anyway.

The LO subjects are all inoffensive and simple this week too. My lovely friend Alex, a Dr Who fan who works tirelessly for the Lib Dems. The Xmas decs of 2009. And finally, the trio of cousins from a single branch of my family tree.

Right, off to catch a breath before the next lesson begins.


Michele said...

3 fab LOs - love the purple and blue colour schemes! Great photos of your Christmas tree - very stylish! x

Neet said...

Love these LO's.

Anonymous said...

Great takes on the sketches - like your A4 adaptation very much. Can't believe how fast you scrap! x alexa