Sunday, 7 February 2010

Ewe Nitty

This week Cathy's class taught us all about the principle of lice infested sheep lol. Something called Unity! Geddit? I know, awful but I was struggling for a post title. Put it down to drinking way too much hot chocolate first thing in the morning.

Anyway, here are the two LOs for the assignments and one for the Real World Colour (which like Cathy's example, omits the purple cos frankly it just didn't go with the photo).

Not a lot to say about them really. There are no embellishments yet again as I have given myself permission to keep the pages as simple as I wish. I was explaining to a lovely friend (and talented scrapper), Alexa, that I used to feel I had to put embellishments on a page just because I had so much in my stash. I was compelled by guilt, to use them. I've now decided that I can incorporate all the gubbins I possess in all my other crafting (cards, boxes, altered art) but my LOs are a different kettle of fish and therefore can remain free from embellies unless I see something that goes really well in the design (that's my disclaimer should you notice any embellies in a future LO lol).

Right, off to sit in a darkened room, listening to nothing but Chris de Burgh until I promise not to use anymore terrible puns in my titles.

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Michele said...

Fab LOs, so will forgive your terrible puns LOL! Love the 'eyes' in the Lookalikes title x