Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hidden away on my computer

are four or five LO's I began to design and hadn't finished yet. So I am hastily trying to polish them off in the spare time I have. They're both for my BOG album which though bursting at the seams is still only half full with the memories I want to log there.

There's one more LO for which I've printed out the photos but haven't assembled yet. So cross fingers I'll have that one done before CZ's assignment two begins.


Neet said...

Fab Paul! I love the green one. No, it's not the photo (do like it) but I love how you have done it and the green ric rac is really the biz!

Michele said...

Ha! Love the 'caught with your trousers down' - intrigued to know what the journalling says! LOL x